It is common for a property to be co-owned by 2 person and decoupling is the process where one co-owner transfers his/her share in the property, to the other co-owner.

Qns: Why consider Decoupling?

Ans: After Decoupling, the outgoing owner would then be eligible to buy another property without having to pay Additional Buyer Stamp Duty (ABSD) on the new purchase.

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How is Decoupling done ?


There are a few options after decoupling. We will assess the feasibility on a case-by-case basis and advise accordingly.

Financial analysis

Using financial information (such as outstanding loans etc) to assess individual's situation. A FREE Financial Report will be provided after the personal assessment.


With the assessment, right Knowledge and in-depth Financial Analysis, we will advise the available and best options accordingly.

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I am writing in to compliment Rick Huang for his invaluable service, for the sale of my Esparina Residences. The process was complicated but he was able to empathize with my situation and also provide brilliant advices that ensue the smooth transaction. In all, I am appreciative with his professionalism and human touch in this journey. Thank you!

Ms Claire

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As a investor interested in taking advantage of the booming property market in Singapore, I needed a realtor with in-depth knowledge of the local market. Using his understanding of the various sectors of the market, Rick generated a investment progression report and we decided to buy a condominium in a choice area with huge potential for multiple returns in the future. Thanks Rick, I will definitely be doing business with you for a long time!

Mr Tony

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