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Case Study

Mr and Mrs Ho has been staying in a 4 room flat in Punggol with his family.

One month before the property reaches MOP in 2017, Mr Ho contacted me with a plan to rent out their flat.

I went through various property data and price trends, and realized that renting out their flat was not the best way to maximize their property investment.

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Through my in-depth financial calculations and implementation of strategic plans for the owners, I recommended them to:

  • Invest in a property with potential appreciation as a priority
  • Utilize a low risk investment approach

So, I sold their Punggol flat and brought them to purchase a brand new 2-bedroom condo.

hdb upgrade to condo

They bought a 2 Bedroom new Condo


Upgrade to Private Condominium – WITHOUT TOUCHING THEIR SAVINGS! 🤩

upgrade to condo

They can even repay their monthly mortgage loan installments WITHOUT paying any extra cash from their own pocket.

Monthly Mortgage Installments – WITHOUT CASH TOO! 🤩

Then in 2019, after going through another round of detailed financial assessments, I had planned an asset progression road-map for them to buy another 1-bedroom resale condo with an existing tenancy to generate immediate rental income.

They had made more than $180k.

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HDB Depreciation Curve

hdb price index
Source: HDB

The majority thinks that buying an HDB flat is a fool-proof investment – since we have seen huge profits being made through the selling of HDB flats in the past.

BUT do note that the selling price and the age of your HDB flat does not run parallel continuously and will eventually come to a decline.

If YOU are a homeowner, who aspires to upgrade your lifestyle and live in a private property, do not make the mistake of waiting for the right time.


YOU do not want to put yourself in a difficult position when you realized your HDB had lost too much in value.

Let me share with YOU how to maximize your asset so that when the opportunity strikes, you are ready to take action.

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Don't Make This MISTAKE

Most HDB Owners today are servicing HDB loan using your CPF.

You might think that this is a great method to lessen your monthly burdens but is that really the case?

Case study:

Mr and Mrs Lee used combined 200k CPF funds for their flat.

Selling their HDB at the end of 5 years, they would have to return $226,281 to CPF. Which is $26,281 less cash from property sales proceeds.

Selling their HDB at the end of 10 years, they would have to return $256,016 to CPF. Which is $56,016 less cash from property sales proceeds.

Hence you see! WITHOUT applying the RIGHT CPF strategy, you WILL lose:

😰 2.5% interest that you could have earned from your CPF OA account


😰 2.5% accrued interest that you have to eventually return to your CPF OA account when you sell your house

Don't make this MISTAKE. Learn today to make the RIGHT choice

If YOU are not maximizing the BEST VALUE from your property and this decision could affect your potential financials in the next 5 to 15 years!

It will be best to avoid such MISTAKES!

Learn how YOU can make the right choices!

Never limit yourself from KNOWLEDGE!

Hi there! I am Rick Huang and I am enthusiastic to share effective Property Market strategies from my Dynamic Property Upgrading Concept.

With the help of Technology, Knowledge and Experience, I have successfully helped hundreds of homeowners since 2010 to improved their lifestyles and build up their property portfolio & wealth.

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How do I achieve

There is no Secret to my SUCCESS, only genuine hard work:

I will be guiding YOU personally from beginning-to-end with extensive action plans along our journey.

You will be assisted by me – someone who is passionate about creating potential value from market research and property investments.

What my clients say about me

I am writing in to compliment Rick Huang for his invaluable service, for the sale of my Esparina Residences. The process was complicated but he was able to empathize with my situation and also provide brilliant advice that ensure the smooth transaction. In all, I am appreciative with his professionalism and human touch in this journey. Thank you!

- Miss Claire (Seller of Esparina Residences)
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As a investor interested in taking advantage of the booming property market in Singapore, I needed a realtor with in-depth knowledge of the local market. Using his understanding of the various sectors of the market, Rick generated a investment progression report and we decided to buy a condominium in a choice area with huge potential for multiple returns in the future. Thanks Rick, I will definitely be doing business with you for a long time!

- Mr Tony (Buyer of Parc Riviera)

Rick is a very down to earth person. No hard sell or pushy technique. He helped us in planning for upgrade and showing us how to invest in property with in depth property analysis report.

- Mr Liew (Seller of Blk260c Punggol)

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Gain insights to my Dynamic Property Upgrading Concept during our non-obligatory discussion, and get:

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Stage 3

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  • Effective multi-platform marketing to get the best deal for YOUR property


  • A tailored property wealth progression road-map for your comfortable retirement

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