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Looking to sell your house and searching for the RIGHT property agent that can meet your needs?

Read on and see if what I do meet your requirements.

If you find me a good match for what you need, drop me a call and I will kick off the process as soon as you need!

Property Agent Review

What my clients say about ME?

Mr Ang
Mr Ang
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As a investor interested in taking advantage of the booming property market in Singapore, I needed a realtor with in-depth knowledge of the local market. Using his understanding of the various sectors of the market, Rick generated a investment progression report and we decided to buy a condominium in a choice area with huge potential for multiple returns in the future. Thanks Rick, I will definitely be doing business with you for a long time!
Ms Claire
Ms Claire
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I am writing in to compliment Rick Huang for his invaluable service, for the sale of my Esparina Residences. The process was complicated but he was able to empathize with my situation and also provide brilliant advices that ensue the smooth transaction. In all, I am appreciative with his professionalism and human touch in this journey. Thank you!
Ms Ho
Ms Ho
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I was sceptical about engaging a friend to sell our house. However, Rick has put himself out on so many levels just to ensure everything went smoothly, promptly and correctly at every stage. I trust Rick and would surely recommend him to anybody seeking to buy or sell a home! I do not usually post reviews but this is worth investing my time. Thanks once again..
Ms Malar
Ms Malar
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His service is beyond my expectations. Always going the extra miles to serve his clients.
Ms Jo
Ms Jo
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My husband and I started our home-search by ourselves but was met with issues soon enough as we were unsure of the important things and areas to look out for and we were also not experienced in the negotiation process with the sellerโ€™s representing agent. Soon after hearing our problems, I was introduced to Rick by a friend. The entire buying process quickly became swift and smooth; Rick understands our needs, puts our personal interest first, seals us a good deal and educated us along the way about the important things and areas to pay attention to. Thumbs up to Rick and we will recommend him to anyone for their home-search
Mr Eddie
Mr Eddie
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"In short, Rick did an amazing job. He sold our house at a higher than initially discussed price and got us a good deal for our purchase. Both my wife and I are impressed with his professional yet friendly approach. We will definitely work with him again and recommend him to anyone."
Mr Liew
Mr Liew
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Rick is a very down to earth person. No hard sell or pushy technique. He helped us in planning for upgrade and showing us how to invest in property with in depth property analysis report.
Miss Chong
Miss Chong
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His service is superb. With his property mkt analysis skill, I managed to purchase my first property in Singapore. He is always patient and helpful whenever I have any query about property purchase procedure, especially the computation part of the downpayment. In nutshell, I am really grateful and appreciate for his support.
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Rick is an agent who has displayed his potential in his services. He provided us a very personalised guidance when we first approached him with an intention of purchasing a resale flat. With his knowledge and years of experience has made the entire purchasing process seamless. Thank you Rick for being a great friend and a fantastic agent!

Table of Contents

Selling your home in 2021 - What to expect

Using Technology, Market Knowledge and RIGHT Marketing Strategies. I provide FULL SPECTRUM of services toย  both buyers and sellers.ย 

Real Estate Data and Trend

property agent review

Providing sellers and buyers real market data and market trend to assist and educate them on decision making.

Real Estate Video Marketing

In the saturated market where DIY platforms list thousands of homes for sale daily, how can a first-time home seller look to successfully attract potential buyers?

This is a challenge many homeowners looking to sell their home without an agent face. How can YOUR house stand out amidst the clutter?

Solution: Our winning formula of curated home tour videos have been incredibly useful in attracting the eyeballs of potential buyers.

Why? Our videos specially focus and feature only the property instead of the agent or representing company.

We work with you to showcase the strengths of your house and present it in the most appealing way.

Virtual Tour Marketing

A new normal has emerged due to the impact of COVID-19 and Circuit Breaker / Social Distancing measures, and virtual tour has since gain much interest and foothold in the property market.

Buyers has increasing showed more interest in the condition and outlook of a property before arranging actual viewing on-site.

Solution: We work with professionals to create visually appealing virtual tour and highlight the best parts of your property, to increase awareness and attract potential buyers, enabling them to have a good impression as a sneak preview for your property.

Property Space Visualization


Visual aesthetics play a huge part in every sale

Hereโ€™s a truth bomb for all property owners out there looking to sell their house.

โ€“ from getting a potential buyer to reach out as well to seal the deal. Buyers may lack the imagination to visualize themselves living in a new space, without the imagery that appeals to them.

Solution: We work with professional designers to create visually appealing renderings to help attract potential buyers, enabling them to visualize an ideal potential space utilization in your home (even if your home is not currently decorated or designed as such).

In our experience, this is extremely helpful in helping an interested buyer make the final decision.

Property Location Analysis Report

A home is not just about the house itself. The estate around the house itself usually is a huge consideration factor. This could make or break a deal as well.

Solution: We make sure to provided buyers with a comprehensive report showcasing essential amenities such as schools, transportation accessibility and lifestyle around the estate.

This can help buyers get a sense of comfort and security towards making this choice their potential home.

โ€˜ย If you like working withย down-to-earth people, you will feel very comfortable with meโ€™

Yes! Learn how YOU can Market your unit RIGHT, to Increase The Selling Price.ย 

Most of my clients started their property journey with a simple message to me.

Check Your Home Price Indication

SRX x-value is only one of several ways I help my clients obtain an indicative valuation of their home.

For homeowners, do contact me today to find out how you can maximise your home value with our strategies. Schedule one now

How do you determine if you should Hold or Sell your current property?

Follow's decision making matrix to determine your best option.

Conclusion have vested interest in maximising the value of your home using our creative marketing strategies and we are sincere and genuinely passionate about going the extra mile to provide effective and seamless services for our clients.

Bonus for my readers


My readers can request a 1-time insights to my Dynamic Property Re-assessment.ย 

Please choose the option most applicable to you. Schedule one now


Self Introduction

Rick Huang, Associate Deputy Group Director of OrangeTee & Tie, has been in the Real Estate industry for a decade.

He is also the Originator of Dynamic Property Upgrading Concept, and is enthusiastic to share effective Property Market strategies with YOU

He is driven, committed and is enthusiastic about real estate investments.

Today, he leads Team, and together, aims to provide his clients with the best experience in their property journey.

The team focuses on understanding client’s personal finances and needs, and is determinedย aboutย delivering the best solutions and results for them.

Amidst the hustle and bustle, Rick enjoy quiet time and indulge himself in the intricate art of tea-brewing and tea pot appreciation.

He would also take this chance to energise himself and reflect on his personal development and areas of improvements.

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