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How much should you be paying for Property Agent Commission?

property agent commission

Most engage agents based on service and results.

While others engage agents based on their fees.

property agent
property agent commission

Found your ideal property agent based on our helpful guide (Complete Guide To Engaging The Perfect Property Agent 2023)?

Now it’s time to discuss and agree with your agent what the property agent commission fee (if fixed) or structure (if flexible) will be like.

commission for property agent 2023

In a nutshell, the property agent commission is the payment you pay your agent in exchange for their work in helping you find and secure your ideal home, or to sell your existing property.

The Council for Estate Agencies (CEA) Singapore does not fix commission rates or even provide guidelines on this. It is to allow market forces to drive competitive pricing in the industry.

Today, let’s look at some factors that you can consider to determine a fair property agent commission structure. 

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Property Agent commission For Sale

Isn’t there a range you ask?

Well, if you asked your friends and family, some common, old-school responses you might hear include:

HDB Flats

  • Seller usually pays 2% 

  • Buyer pays 1%

Private Properties (Condominiums, Apartments)

  • Seller usually pays 2- 4% 

  • Buyers don’t need to pay commission. (If the buyer has a representing agent, seller’s agent to split the commission with co-broke agent.)

Private Properties (Landed Properties)

  • Seller usually pays 2- 4% 

  • Buyers don’t need to pay commission. (If the buyer has a representing agent, seller’s agent to split the commission with co-broke agent.)

The property landscape has evolved over the past decade into a saturated and hyper-competitive market, where thousands of homes are listed on DIY platforms competing for the same pool of potential buyers.

A more accurate range is perhaps, as shared by Channel NewsAsia report in December 2018, showing that local property agent commissions can range from 2% to 5%, depending on several factors.

Curious? Let’s unravel these different factors that determine how much you should pay your property agent.

Difficulty and Urgency of Selling Your Property

property agent comission

Makes sense doesn’t it? Not all properties on the market are equal.

Some are less appealing (could be an older flat, shoddily maintained, inconvenient location, low floors etc.) than others, and are more difficult to sell as compared to others in a better situation (prime location, new estate, well maintained etc.)

In such situations, even with lowered property prices, it is still going to be harder to sell.

In a saturated property market, with hyper-competition coming from all the DIY platforms posting thousands of properties, do you think your property is going to be in demand (especially if it needs to be let go quickly)?

yishun property agent

Expectation of Your property selling price

sell house price

With all things being equal, a property with a lower asking price is likely to be an easier sell compared to a similar property with a higher asking price.

If your neighbours are selling their apartment for $1 million and you are asking for $1.1 million, your agent is going to have to put in extra effort to make that happen.


This may mean having to search harder for more buyers willing to pay that higher price, facilitating more viewings and definitely dedicating a longer time and effort for marketing.

Not all agents know how to price your house right.

property agent 2023 review

Property Agent Value-added Services Offered

when to pay property agent commission

Selling a house in the saturated and highly competitive Singapore market these days take a lot more effort than it did 10 years ago. 

Nowadays, to even get your property in front of the right potential buyers, takes plenty of effort – and that is just the first step.

Successful property agents that aim to help their clients get the best possible selling price now need to provide significant value-added services to do so.


From providing home styling services to doing market analysis, to advising suitable price position, to coming up with detailed marketing strategies (which platform to use, targeting buyers using social media platforms and unique content), property agents now need to provide these additional services and expertise at additional cost to best service their clients.

Let’s look at some of them;

1) Marketing Platform


Market your house in more than one platform.

Propertyguru, 99.co, SRX, Edgeprop, Social media, can also become a powerful marketing tool for your unit.

Luring in potential buyers who are digital natives with aesthetic photos (no cat-fishing) and features of your unit that would relate to them.


How many platforms are your agent advertising in?

2) Profession Add-on

property photo shoot

Professionally-angled photos and videos has become a trend of attracting buyers to consider coming down for viewings.

And it takes effort and cost to the property agent to add all this services to market your unit.

Take some time to Understand what are the actions and game plan the agent will be carrying out during marketing.

3) Marketing Report

singapore realtor commission

Get to know what kind of services they add on during viewing.


Old-school salesmanship no longer works as much in today’s market. Buyers would want to look at market analysis reports comparing price trends and upcoming developments that will interest them in buying your unit.

During get-to-know session with the agent, do try and understand their working style.

Furthermore, knowledge expertise is vital for more complex circumstances for example, HDB contra where you sell and buy properties concurrently.

Property agents are required to determine the exact timeline or you may end up with no place to stay.

Property investments such as Sell One Buy Two will also require in-depth knowledge of the market situation and a comprehensive understanding of financial calculations.

After knowing these behind-the-scenes efforts, doesn’t it make sense to motivate and reward the extra-hardworking agent who’s doing their best to get you that ideal price?

hdb agent commission

So how much property agent commission should I pay?

Use the above factors as a guideline to help you decide.

Speak to your agent and understand their perspective too.

My recommendation is to consider how value – time saving - your agent is providing to the transaction and adjust the commission fee accordingly.

When to pay property agent commission

Be fair to your property agent.

Pay the agreed commission after he/she facilitates a successful property transaction.

Commission payment should be made the to your agent’s property agency, and not to the agent, after a transaction is completed.


All in all, there is no best choice on how to sell your house and choose the agent.


However, these factors should be able to help you understand what are the pointers to consider when discussing the commission package with your agent.

At the end of the day, a good marketing effort with the right presentation skill set definitely will increase your chance of a higher selling price.

Bonus for my readers

agent commission

Thank you for taking the time to read my article.

If you’re seeking a win-win scenario where you won’t end up paying your agent more than necessary, why not schedule a discussion today?

By doing so, you can explore how to negotiate a fair deal that benefits both parties.

Who should apply?

  1. First-time home buyers who are looking for guidance on how much to pay in agent commission fees.

  2. Property sellers who want to ensure they are paying a fair commission rate to their agent while maximizing their profits from the sale.

  3. Investors who are looking to invest in Singapore and need the help of an experience real estate consultant to manage their transactions.

Questions and Answers

Q1) Do I have to commit to working with you after our initial discussion?

Answer: Having an initial discussion is a great starting point, and there is absolutely no obligation to work with me after that.

Awards and Accolades

What My Clients Say About Me

Mr Ang
Mr Ang
Buyer of Parc Riviera
Read More
As a investor interested in taking advantage of the booming property market in Singapore, I needed a realtor with in-depth knowledge of the local market. Using his understanding of the various sectors of the market, Rick generated a investment progression report and we decided to buy a condominium in a choice area with huge potential for multiple returns in the future. Thanks Rick, I will definitely be doing business with you for a long time!
Ms Claire
Ms Claire
Seller of Esparina Residences
Read More
I am writing in to compliment Rick Huang for his invaluable service, for the sale of my Esparina Residences. The process was complicated but he was able to empathize with my situation and also provide brilliant advices that ensue the smooth transaction. In all, I am appreciative with his professionalism and human touch in this journey. Thank you!
Ms Ho
Ms Ho
Seller of Blk 272b Punggol
Read More
I was sceptical about engaging a friend to sell our house. However, Rick has put himself out on so many levels just to ensure everything went smoothly, promptly and correctly at every stage. I trust Rick and would surely recommend him to anybody seeking to buy or sell a home! I do not usually post reviews but this is worth investing my time. Thanks once again..
Ms Malar
Ms Malar
Seller of Blk 332 Serangoon
Read More
His service is beyond my expectations. Always going the extra miles to serve his clients.
Ms Jo
Ms Jo
Buyer of Blk 452a Sengkang
Read More
My husband and I started our home-search by ourselves but was met with issues soon enough as we were unsure of the important things and areas to look out for and we were also not experienced in the negotiation process with the seller’s representing agent. Soon after hearing our problems, I was introduced to Rick by a friend. The entire buying process quickly became swift and smooth; Rick understands our needs, puts our personal interest first, seals us a good deal and educated us along the way about the important things and areas to pay attention to. Thumbs up to Rick and we will recommend him to anyone for their home-search
Mr Eddie
Mr Eddie
Seller of 127c Kim Tian
Read More
"In short, Rick did an amazing job. He sold our house at a higher than initially discussed price and got us a good deal for our purchase. Both my wife and I are impressed with his professional yet friendly approach. We will definitely work with him again and recommend him to anyone."
Mr Liew
Mr Liew
Seller of 260c Punggol
Read More
Rick is a very down to earth person. No hard sell or pushy technique. He helped us in planning for upgrade and showing us how to invest in property with in depth property analysis report.
Miss Chong
Miss Chong
Buyer of Regent Residences
Read More
His service is superb. With his property mkt analysis skill, I managed to purchase my first property in Singapore. He is always patient and helpful whenever I have any query about property purchase procedure, especially the computation part of the downpayment. In nutshell, I am really grateful and appreciate for his support.
Buyer of Blk 130 Bishan
Read More
Rick is an agent who has displayed his potential in his services. He provided us a very personalised guidance when we first approached him with an intention of purchasing a resale flat. With his knowledge and years of experience has made the entire purchasing process seamless. Thank you Rick for being a great friend and a fantastic agent!
Mr Mark
Mr Mark
Seller of Blk 686a Woodlands
Read More
Rick service has a very personal touch. He was extremely patient and professional and does not rush us into making any decisions he provided us with sound advice whenever we have questions and was always ready to provide help with regards to any matter. What impress us the most was the extra step he went by assisting us with the purchase of our new home, even though this was in no way his responsibility to do so. Thank you for the hassle free experience Rick. Highly recommended
Mr Shawn
Mr Shawn
Buyer of Riverfront Residences
Read More
"It was a pleasure working with Rick throughout my selling and upgrading journey. His recommendations and knowledge of financial calculations and preparations are impressive - even factoring in risk management specific to us, for the next 5 to 8 years. He has shown his expertise in real estate and guided us step by step all the way, making transactions effortless for us. Well done Rick!
Ms Shufen
Ms Shufen
Buyer of Cairnhill Crest
Read More
Rick has been our go-to agent for our past few property transactions He actually patiently brought us to many various property viewings (I think it was more than 10!) before we finally settled on the Cairnhill unit. Rick also helped us iron out all the issues encountered along the way and we are very thankful for his service. Hence, we will continue to engage Rick for all our property related matters. We have encountered many agents throughout the years but Rick is the one that has the most profound display of professionalism, knowledge and dedication in his job. Please keep up the good work!"
Ms Meena
Ms Meena
Seller of Blk 475c Upper Serangoon
Read More
Rick's guidance really helps us to sell our unit at a good rate. He did a excellent job giving us professional assistance from step by step till the keys are handed over to the new owner.
Mr Kingsley
Mr Kingsley
Seller of Blk 91 Tanglin
Read More
We have worked with a few property agents. We find the interests of the agent are not well aligned with either the buyers or sellers as volume of transactions matter more. With Rick, you can be assured that your interests are well protected at all times. It is reassuring that he shares his opnion objectively to allow home buyers or home seekers to evaluate the decisions for themselves. Overall a smooth experience. Thanks Rick!
Ms Su
Ms Su
Seller of Blk 93 Paya Lebar Way
Read More
"Rick was introduced by a close friend of mine. This is my second time buying a flat (first time was 20 years ago) and I have forgotten all the procedure. With no experience dealing with selling and buying, this is my honest testimonial. Rick is a very responsible agent which I've met so far. Fast response to all my enquiries and he answered to all my doubts which I have. Reliable and he knows exactly what to do and will give you his utmost advise and service. I highly reckon Rick to those have the intention of getting property agent. Thanks so much Rick for the help and assistance you have rendered from start until the end of transaction. I would definitely recommend you to my relatives and friends. Cheers
Seller of Blk 227a Compassvale
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My wife and I are grateful that a friend of ours referred us to Rick to help sell our unit. Rick responded fast to all of our queries. In fact, we managed to sell off the unit faster than we expected thanks to Rick. He did not even need to resort to cheesy gimmicks and marketing. The journey was kept professional. Despite the toxic culture of the property industry, we can feel that he is sincere and committed in helping us. He is trustworthy and we felt that we were in safe hands with Rick as our agent.
Ms Sharon
Ms Sharon
Seller of Blk 648 Ang Mo Kio
Read More
I had in the past dealt with agents who were pushy and did not do their homework. But with Rick, I am put at ease with someone who is not only very knowledgeable but understanding. He keeps my family posted on what we need to know, is very diplomatic, tactful and professional. If you need your place sold, you need a reliable person like Rick to help you. Thanks Rick once again. Warmest Regards, Sharon Lim
Mr Sri
Mr Sri
Buyer of River Isles
Read More
Rick was introduced to me by a friend, who has seen Rick while he was helping another client. Rick has played an exceptional role while I was buying a private property. He is patient, humble, polite and a nice human being. I highly recommend him if you are looking for an agent in your property hunting. I worked with several agents but he will be my go to agent for any future deals. It was excellent experience..!

Self Introduction


Greetings! My name is Rick Long, and I am proud to serve as the Associate Division Director of Huttons Asia Pte Ltd, with over a decade of experience in the real estate industry.

My passion for helping clients find their dream homes has grown exponentially during my tenure in the field. As a graduate of Singapore Polytechnic, I have always valued the importance of hard work and determination.

My prior experience serving in the airforce instilled in me the value of teamwork, perseverance, and discipline.

Over the years, I have been privileged to receive several accolades for providing exceptional service and dedication to my clients.

My ultimate goal is to ensure that each individual I work with has the best possible experience, whether they are buying or selling a property.

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is receiving glowing five-star reviews from satisfied clients.

Knowing that I have positively impacted someone’s life is truly humbling, and it motivates me to continue striving for excellence every day.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending quality time with my loved ones, indulging my passion for sports, and exploring the rich and diverse culinary landscape of Singapore.

Amidst the bustling pace of life, I relish moments of calm by immersing myself in the art of tea-brewing and teapot appreciation.

My commitment to delivering exceptional results to my clients is anchored on my extensive knowledge and experience in the real estate industry.

Above all, I always strive to be kind, respectful, and approachable.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me. I look forward to the opportunity of working with you.

Additionally, Rick is a proud fur daddy to two rescue kitties and loves spending his free time with his wife and furbabies. He believes in giving back to the community and volunteers his time to animal welfare causes whenever possible.

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    1. Rick Huang

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      Thanks for your comment, yes you are right. More often than not, we tend to hear about the bad experiences of clients too. But ultimately, I guess regardless of the trade we are in, there will always be a minority group that is not motivated to act in the clients’ interest. At the same time, there is also another group of us that welcome comments, and feedback as factors to push us towards continuous improvements and towards a win-win situation for everyone.

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