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How to Spot A New Launch Condo Like A Winner in 2023?


You have read the articles and seen the videos of how new launch condos perform better than resale condos as property investments.

And it is true to a large extent. In fact, it’s such a perennial debate, we addressed it in a recent article, “New Launch vs. Resale Condo: Which is the Best Choice for Smart Property Investors?”. 

new launch condo 2023

Look at the numbers! There will be 10,000 – 12,000 new launch units in 2023.

The pent-up demand may boost new launch sales this year.

As such, my team and I have been busy working with our property investor clients to secure their winning investments during these few months.

Now that I have some time, I decided to consolidate and share with our readers, some key considerations I use to spot a winning new launch condo – for investment property purposes. 

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Table of Contents

Factors in Spotting A Winning New Launch Condo:

  • Due Diligence

  • Variety of Facilities

  • Low Maintenance Fees

  • Early Bird Discounts

  • Choice of Unit

  • URA Master Plan

  • Integrated Or Pure Residential Developments?


Let’s get started.

Due Diligence

To start off, we would always recommend doing sufficient due diligence on the developer and sub-contractors’ track record.

A simple Googling session will tell you more than you need to know.

Check if they have a good track record of developing similar projects, and if they complete the projects on schedule.

If you unearth complaints and lawsuits, that is a straight up red flag.

Variety of Facilities

One of the key perks of a new launch condo compared to a resale is the range of newer and more exciting facilities.

With the newer developments in recent years, we have seen developers out-doing each other consistently with introduction of better offerings – from dedicated concierge services, in-built smart home technology, karaoke rooms and even driving ranges (yes, golf driving ranges!).

From an investment property perspective, these could definitely increase the appeal towards a more discerning crowd of tenants and can probably garner you a higher rental rate.

While this can be an interesting appeal factor, do make sure to balance out with the possible higher premiums to pay on maintenance fees.

The general rule? The more facilities, the fees may be higher. The higher the fees, the lesser your returns.

So, do make sure to compare your shortlisted condos and see if the premium makes sense.

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Low Maintenance Fees

We addressed it slightly in the previous point: the lower the better, so it doesn’t eat into your rental income.

The good news is, compared to most resale condos with similar facilities, it should be already lower, because of the absence of wear and tear.

Also, when considering the developments, do keep in mind that smaller developments where there are fewer units sharing the facilities tend to have higher maintenance fees. Tip: look at larger sized developments to keep the maintenance fees lower. After all, sharing is caring.

New Launch Early Bird Discounts – Time Your Entry

This is something you do not get when you buy a resale condo.

Many property investors prefer new launch condos because of the early bird discounts, “Star Buys” (more discounted rates from the developers) and freebies that could include furnishing discounts.

When you pick the right development, and time your entry right, these savings can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

All of which will significantly improve your profit margin on the investment property right from the get-go.


So, when is a good timing? The initial phases are usually when many developers utilize the “Star Buy” strategy, heavily discounting units to spur on purchases and generate publicity.

The developers sell these units at a lower margin mean big savings for you

There are those who suggest that holding out to purchase closer to the ABSD deadline would have the developers slashing prices due to pressure to sell out – but the truth is we rarely see the pricing (PSF) come down that significantly after a project gains traction.

Also, practically, buyers who enter at that timing would also have less choice when it comes to the units available.

Hot Tip: If you find a new condo development that you are interested in, be updated for news on discounted units.

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Choice of New Launch Unit

For buyers who plan to stay in the property, usually this is up to individual preference. But for investors, it always comes back to the numbers.

Is the additional premium worth the higher floor and better view? Is paying an additional $200 per square foot worth an unblocked view?

While premium views with unblocked skylines, lush greenery and more are typically well liked, they come with a premium price tag.

Make sure you consider an in-depth on price differences to make the right decision for your investment.

Hot tip: Consider other conveniences which could make a difference to potential tenants but not have such a significant impact to the pricing. For instance, proximity to access gates and facilities. Or being strategically located away from the bin centres, roads or communal bbq pits which could be potentially noisier.

URA Master Plan

One of the key resources for analysis of potential property growth and appreciation is the URA Master Plan.

We covered the details in a previous article – URA Master Plan – Understanding Growth Plans For Singapore Investment Property.

By understanding the upcoming infrastructure developments in the vicinity and planned residential developments, it is helpful to envision the potential growth for the property.

The URA Masterplan is not fixed in stone. Plans can and may change. It is nonetheless comforting to have awareness of potential developments.

Integrated Or Pure Residential Developments?

Integrated developments, as their name suggests, are an all-in-one hub for entertainment, food, groceries and residential units.

Sounds like an amazing offer in theory, doesn’t it? Again, remember that this is a checklist for property investors – so the question to ask is if it translates in terms of numbers.

Let’s take a look at a case study of 2 developments in Punggol: An integrated development Watertown (in conjunction with Waterway Point Shopping Mall and the Mrt) and a purely residential development Parc Centros (320m away).

Both were launched in 2012, just a few months apart. Now let’s take a look at how they have performed in terms of capital appreciation.

Over the same period of the past 10 years, Watertown has seen a gain of 16.44% in value whereas Parc Centros has seen a larger increase of 30.93%.

What do the numbers show? There is no real tangible benefit in picking an Integrated development over a purely residential development.

In fact, as an investor, it would be beneficial to invest a smaller sum (i.e. residential-only developments are typically cheaper than integrated developments), especially if the appreciation potential is similar.

New launch condo payment schedule

new launch payment timeline

Buying a New Launch condo differ from buying a Resale Condo and the payment timeline can be confusing to many. So, we have come up with a New Launch payment timeline to guide you when you are buying a new condo.

New Launch Condo 2023

upcoming new launch 2023

Connect with us for more updates.

We have assisted many clients with first-hand information.


In short, spotting a good unit is far more complicated than reading positive reviews or watching nice advertisement videos.

Be it buying for own stay or investment, due diligent homework should be done before making a decision.

Bonus for my readers

spot new launch condo 2023

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Property Agent Testimonials

I have successfully helped hundreds of homeowners just like you since 2010

Mr Ang
Mr Ang
Buyer of Parc Riviera
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As a investor interested in taking advantage of the booming property market in Singapore, I needed a realtor with in-depth knowledge of the local market. Using his understanding of the various sectors of the market, Rick generated a investment progression report and we decided to buy a condominium in a choice area with huge potential for multiple returns in the future. Thanks Rick, I will definitely be doing business with you for a long time!
Ms Claire
Ms Claire
Seller of Esparina Residences
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I am writing in to compliment Rick Huang for his invaluable service, for the sale of my Esparina Residences. The process was complicated but he was able to empathize with my situation and also provide brilliant advices that ensue the smooth transaction. In all, I am appreciative with his professionalism and human touch in this journey. Thank you!
Ms Ho
Ms Ho
Seller of Blk 272b Punggol
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I was sceptical about engaging a friend to sell our house. However, Rick has put himself out on so many levels just to ensure everything went smoothly, promptly and correctly at every stage. I trust Rick and would surely recommend him to anybody seeking to buy or sell a home! I do not usually post reviews but this is worth investing my time. Thanks once again..
Ms Malar
Ms Malar
Seller of Blk 332 Serangoon
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His service is beyond my expectations. Always going the extra miles to serve his clients.
Ms Jo
Ms Jo
Buyer of Blk 452a Sengkang
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My husband and I started our home-search by ourselves but was met with issues soon enough as we were unsure of the important things and areas to look out for and we were also not experienced in the negotiation process with the seller’s representing agent. Soon after hearing our problems, I was introduced to Rick by a friend. The entire buying process quickly became swift and smooth; Rick understands our needs, puts our personal interest first, seals us a good deal and educated us along the way about the important things and areas to pay attention to. Thumbs up to Rick and we will recommend him to anyone for their home-search
Mr Eddie
Mr Eddie
Seller of 127c Kim Tian
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"In short, Rick did an amazing job. He sold our house at a higher than initially discussed price and got us a good deal for our purchase. Both my wife and I are impressed with his professional yet friendly approach. We will definitely work with him again and recommend him to anyone."
Mr Liew
Mr Liew
Seller of 260c Punggol
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Rick is a very down to earth person. No hard sell or pushy technique. He helped us in planning for upgrade and showing us how to invest in property with in depth property analysis report.
Miss Chong
Miss Chong
Buyer of Regent Residences
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His service is superb. With his property mkt analysis skill, I managed to purchase my first property in Singapore. He is always patient and helpful whenever I have any query about property purchase procedure, especially the computation part of the downpayment. In nutshell, I am really grateful and appreciate for his support.
Buyer of Blk 130 Bishan
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Rick is an agent who has displayed his potential in his services. He provided us a very personalised guidance when we first approached him with an intention of purchasing a resale flat. With his knowledge and years of experience has made the entire purchasing process seamless. Thank you Rick for being a great friend and a fantastic agent!
Mr Mark
Mr Mark
Seller of Blk 686a Woodlands
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Rick service has a very personal touch. He was extremely patient and professional and does not rush us into making any decisions he provided us with sound advice whenever we have questions and was always ready to provide help with regards to any matter. What impress us the most was the extra step he went by assisting us with the purchase of our new home, even though this was in no way his responsibility to do so. Thank you for the hassle free experience Rick. Highly recommended
Mr Shawn
Mr Shawn
Buyer of Riverfront Residences
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"It was a pleasure working with Rick throughout my selling and upgrading journey. His recommendations and knowledge of financial calculations and preparations are impressive - even factoring in risk management specific to us, for the next 5 to 8 years. He has shown his expertise in real estate and guided us step by step all the way, making transactions effortless for us. Well done Rick!
Ms Shufen
Ms Shufen
Buyer of Cairnhill Crest
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Rick has been our go-to agent for our past few property transactions He actually patiently brought us to many various property viewings (I think it was more than 10!) before we finally settled on the Cairnhill unit. Rick also helped us iron out all the issues encountered along the way and we are very thankful for his service. Hence, we will continue to engage Rick for all our property related matters. We have encountered many agents throughout the years but Rick is the one that has the most profound display of professionalism, knowledge and dedication in his job. Please keep up the good work!"
Ms Meena
Ms Meena
Seller of Blk 475c Upper Serangoon
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Rick's guidance really helps us to sell our unit at a good rate. He did a excellent job giving us professional assistance from step by step till the keys are handed over to the new owner.
Mr Kingsley
Mr Kingsley
Seller of Blk 91 Tanglin
Read More
We have worked with a few property agents. We find the interests of the agent are not well aligned with either the buyers or sellers as volume of transactions matter more. With Rick, you can be assured that your interests are well protected at all times. It is reassuring that he shares his opnion objectively to allow home buyers or home seekers to evaluate the decisions for themselves. Overall a smooth experience. Thanks Rick!
Ms Su
Ms Su
Seller of Blk 93 Paya Lebar Way
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"Rick was introduced by a close friend of mine. This is my second time buying a flat (first time was 20 years ago) and I have forgotten all the procedure. With no experience dealing with selling and buying, this is my honest testimonial. Rick is a very responsible agent which I've met so far. Fast response to all my enquiries and he answered to all my doubts which I have. Reliable and he knows exactly what to do and will give you his utmost advise and service. I highly reckon Rick to those have the intention of getting property agent. Thanks so much Rick for the help and assistance you have rendered from start until the end of transaction. I would definitely recommend you to my relatives and friends. Cheers
Seller of Blk 227a Compassvale
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My wife and I are grateful that a friend of ours referred us to Rick to help sell our unit. Rick responded fast to all of our queries. In fact, we managed to sell off the unit faster than we expected thanks to Rick. He did not even need to resort to cheesy gimmicks and marketing. The journey was kept professional. Despite the toxic culture of the property industry, we can feel that he is sincere and committed in helping us. He is trustworthy and we felt that we were in safe hands with Rick as our agent.
Ms Sharon
Ms Sharon
Seller of Blk 648 Ang Mo Kio
Read More
I had in the past dealt with agents who were pushy and did not do their homework. But with Rick, I am put at ease with someone who is not only very knowledgeable but understanding. He keeps my family posted on what we need to know, is very diplomatic, tactful and professional. If you need your place sold, you need a reliable person like Rick to help you. Thanks Rick once again. Warmest Regards, Sharon Lim
Mr Sri
Mr Sri
Buyer of River Isles
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Rick was introduced to me by a friend, who has seen Rick while he was helping another client. Rick has played an exceptional role while I was buying a private property. He is patient, humble, polite and a nice human being. I highly recommend him if you are looking for an agent in your property hunting. I worked with several agents but he will be my go to agent for any future deals. It was excellent experience..!
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